The REAL corpus
Conference paper (PDF) and zip of the REAL dataset available from here

Paper title: The REAL Corpus: A Crowd-Sourced Corpus of Human Generated and Evaluated Spatial References to Real-World Urban Scenes

Data title: The REAL Corpus
Authors: Phil Bartie, William Mackaness, Dimitra Gkatzia and Verena Rieser
Conference Name: LREC2016
Conference Date: 23-28 May 2016
Conference Location: Portoro┼ż (Slovenia)

Data Logging Application for Smartphones running Python

Target Platform: Python Code for Nokia N82 Smartphone

Overview: This application allows the capture of imagery, audio, and location from a Nokia N82 smartphone. The application uses Python to access the current playhead position of the audio file and store this in the text log file along with corresponding photo id (based on the Phone Python time), and GPS coords. In addition GPS DOP, speed, and satellite information is logged. Furthermore the cell tower ID is recorded.

3 datasets are created:

   - an audio file given the start time as a filename
  - a set of JPG images (each given correspoding Python time as filename)
  - a log file storing GPS info along with the Python time ID (to link to correct audio file, and image)

Example of the Use of the Application in Academic work:

Source code download:

Code is released under MIT licence:  MIT Licence

(GRCNZ & Geography Department, University of Canterbury, NZ - 2009)